About Error Solutions

We identify and research the most important errors involving computers, electronic devices, and consumer electronics. Then our team of problem solvers summarize, compile and solve them into step by step walk-through solutions.

About the Team

We are a team of writers and problems solvers.

Since 2009 ErrorSolutions has been a trusted resource thanks to the talented contributions of its writers and problems solvers.

In 2020, Alton Alexander acquired errorsolutions.tech and has continued to expand it into a comprehensive resource for everyday error messages and their solutions.

Alton fixing a TV motherboard
Alton fixing the motherboard to a flat screen TV that had been discarded.

Alton has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from BYU-Idaho and enjoys helping people solve problems. Click here to learn more about Alton and see his most recent articles.

How to use ErrorSolutions.tech?

Start by browsing a category from the homepage or search for your error code. Be sure to try several variations of your error code or describe your challenge in detail. If you can't find what you are looking then try contacting us.

How do we find so many Error Codes?

We research the most important computer, device, and consumer electronic error messages. Then our team of problem solvers summarize, compile and solve them into step by step walk-through solutions.

Our database of errors and solutions is free to use.

Most of the error codes come into our help center via email, chat, or phone calls from everyday users like yourself who are looking for solutions to their technical errors. Sometimes these are simple and common requests that others have seen and solved online however many times they are unique or slightly nuanced. In every case we follow a process to find and document the solutions to help more people overcome those issues.

How do I know the solutions are valid and accurate?

All errors and solutions are researched and verified for accuracy before going live. However, sometimes our description lacks the detail or nuance that you need.

We rely on your feedback for improving individual error codes, missing information or inaccuracy. Please contact us if you find any issues or have suggestions.

Our Process for Finding Solutions

We follow a process to research and document solutions in order to provide the fastest and most effective option to consumers like yourself who are stuck with an error. Our steps typically include:

  1. Can we clearly articulate the error in in a way that represents what the user has told us.
  2. Do we already have a solution to that same problem in our database?
  3. Do we have a solution to a similar problem (for example another brand or manufacture?)
  4. Can we reproduce the problem locally in our test lab?
  5. If we can reproduce it, the document the steps to solve it.
  6. If we don't have it or can't reproduce it then is there any common information online that suggests a solution or possible options to solve the error code.

These common steps are the basis of our process for finding solutions to common error codes.