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By JohnJDCUpdated on June 4th, 2022

For those who use a non-residential internet connection, such as a mobile hotspot connection, then this kind of internet connection does not qualify and therefore cannot be used as a 'Home' network when using Hulu app.

I decided to cut out my cable+internet service with Comcast, due to the astronomical monthly price I had to pay despite of living in a major city in the US. I'm using a third party vendor who provides with a mobile hotspot internet (LTE) connection via the T-Mobile network. Due to the pointed error with Hulu, when I try to watch 'live' tv on my Vizio smart tv then Hulu automatically displays the error code: P-EDI103. You can still watch 'live' tv on this app on your laptop/PC/tablet however the main problem is with your smart tv.

In order to connect to the internet service, I use a router/modem device (with a SIM Card) which can connect to the T-Mobile (or any major carriers) LTE network and then it supplies the 'home' WiFi internet