How do you fix 404 errors?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

A 404 error is a response code from a web server that indicates that the server cannot find the requested resource. The resource may be a web page, image, or other file. The server may return a 404 error if the resource has been moved or deleted.

There are several reasons why a 404 error may occur:

The requested resource may have been moved or deleted.

The requested resource may be temporarily unavailable.

The URL for the requested resource may be incorrect.

The user may have entered an incorrect URL.

The user may be trying to access a resource that they do not have permission to access.

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1. Check the spelling of the URL

The URL should be checked for spelling errors. The most common errors are typos. The URL can also be incorrect if it is not hosted on the correct domain.

2. Check to see if the page has been moved or removed

  1. Open the URL in a web browser.
  2. If the page loads, then the page has not been moved or removed.
  3. If the page does not load, then the page has been moved or removed.
  4. If the page still does not load, then the page has been removed and you will need to contact the webmaster to fix the error.

3. If the page has been moved, update the URL

  1. If the page has been moved, first check to see if the URL has been updated in the address bar. If the URL has been updated, then go to that URL.
  2. If the URL hasn't been updated, then go to the old URL and update it.
  3. If the page hasn't been moved, then it's likely that the page has been deleted. In that case, you'll need to request the page from the web server and then update the URL.

4. If the page has been removed, try to find a similar page

If the page has been removed, try to find a similar page in order to fix 404 errors.

5. Contact the website owner to resolve the issue

  1. Go to the website's home page and locate the "Contact Us" or "Support" link.
  2. Fill out the required information and click "Submit Request."
  3. The website owner will be able to see your request and respond as soon as possible.