How do I fix error 412?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The 412 Precondition Failed response status code indicates that one or more conditions given in the request header fields evaluated to false when tested on the server.

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1. Check the URL for errors and try again

  1. Click the "Errors" tab in the Web Browser.
  2. Check the "Status Code" and "Reason Phrase" to see if they match the error message you received.
  3. If they do not match, try the URL again.
  4. If the URL still fails to load, there may be a problem with your connection. Contact your broadband provider for assistance.

2. Clear cookies and cache

  1. Click on the Chrome menu button (3 horizontal lines in the top right corner of the browser window), and select "Settings."
  2. Under the "Privacy" section, click on the "Clear browsing data" button.
  3. Under the "Cookies and other site data" section, click on the "Clear cookies and cache" button.
  4. Click on the "Close" button to finish clearing your cookies and cache.

3. Restart the browser

  1. Close any open browsers.
  2. Press the Windows key, type "cmd", and press Enter.
  3. Type "cmd" and press Enter again.
  4. Type "net stop explorer" and press Enter.
  5. Type "net start explorer" and press Enter.
  6. Close the Command Prompt.
  7. In Windows Explorer, navigate to C:\Users\UserName\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Cache
  8. Delete the file named google-chrome-stable_current-20170707.crx.
  9. Delete the file named google-chrome-stable_current-20170707.log.
  10. Close Windows Explorer.

4. Disable any browser extensions

  1. Open Chrome or Firefox and type chrome://extensions in the address bar.
  2. Locate the extension you want to disable and click on the trash can icon to the right of it.
  3. A window will open with a list of all the files associated with the extension.
  4. Click on the Remove from Chrome or Remove from Firefox button.
  5. Restart your browser if it is not already doing so.

5. Try a different browser

  1. Open your web browser and click the "Tools" menu.
  2. Click "Internet Options."
  3. Under the "General" tab, click the "Advanced" button.
  4. In the "Internet Options" Advanced window, click the "Browsing Options" button.
  5. Under the "Advanced" tab, click the "System" button.
  6. In the "System" window, click the "Browser" tab.
  7. In the "Browser" window, click the "Options" button.
  8. Under the "General" tab, click the "Advanced" button.
  9. In the "Advanced" tab, click the "Reset" button.
  10. In the "Reset" window, click the "OK" button.
  11. In the "Browser" window, click the "OK" button.
  12. In the "Internet Options" Advanced window, click the "Close" button.