How to fix Battlefield 5 error code 34601?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The Battlefield 5 error code 34601 is a connection error that can occur when trying to play the game online. This error code typically happens when the game is unable to connect to theEA servers. There can be a number of reasons why this error code occurs, such as a problem with your internet connection, the EA servers being down, or your game files being corrupt. If you are encountering this error code, you will need to troubleshoot the issue in order to be able to play the game again.

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1. Restart your computer and try again

  1. Go to your desktop and right-click on the Start button.
  2. Select "Restart" from the menu that pops up.
  3. Click on "Restart now" to restart your computer.
  4. If the problem is still not fixed, you can try to fix Battlefield 5 error code 34601 by performing the following steps: a. Click on the "Start" button. b. Select "Settings" from the menu that pops up. c. Select "System" from the drop-down list that appears next to "Settings." d. Select "Restart" from the menu that pops up. e.Select "Yes" to restart your computer.

2. Update your graphics drivers

  1. Open Device Manager and expand Display adapters.
  2. Right-click on the graphics adapter that you want to update and select Update Driver.
  3. In the Driver Installation Options window, select the following: a. Select the location of the driver files. b. Select the specific version of the graphics driver that you want to install.
  4. Click OK.
  5. After the driver has been installed, select the newly installed graphics driver from the Display adapters menu in Device Manager and click Update.

3. Verify your game files

  1. Navigate to the "My Games" tab in the Xbox One dashboard
  2. Select the game you are having issues with
  3. Select "Verify Game Files" from the right-hand column
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions

4. Reset your in-game settings

  1. Launch the game and click on the "Settings" option in the main menu.
  2. On the "Settings" screen, click on the "Reset Settings" button.
  3. On the "Reset Settings" screen, click on the "Advanced" button.
  4. On the "Advanced" screen, click on the "Reset" button.
  5. On the "Reset" screen, click on the "Yes" button.
  6. On the "Reset" screen, click on the "OK" button.
  7. After the game has been reset, launch it and try to play it again. If the error code 34601 still appears, please contact customer support.

Some users might also have success with the following opitons:

  1. Disable any overclocking.
  2. Try running the game in borderless windowed mode.
  3. Lower your graphics settings.
  4. Try another computer.