How do I fix the BO3 error code ABFG?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The BO3 error code ABFG is a game specific error code that is usually caused by a problem with the game itself, or with the game's installation. This error code can also be caused by a problem with the system's graphics drivers.

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1. Restart the game

-If the game is not responding, try restarting your console. -If the game is not responding, try unplugging your console and then plugging it back in. -If the game is not responding, try reinstalling the game.

2. Check for updates

  1. Go to the Steam App Store
  2. If you have the game installed on your computer, open it. If you don't have the game installed, you can download it from the Steam App Store.
  3. Click the Games tab.
  4. Click the Library tab.
  5. Click the Updates tab.
  6. Click the Check for Updates button.
  7. If there are new updates available, they will be listed. Click the Update All button.
  8. If there are no new updates available, your game is already up to date. Click the Close button.
  9. If you have a Steam Guard account, you'll need to enter your account information and then click the OK button.
  10. The game will start downloading the updates. Once the updates are finished, your game will be updated.

3. Delete the game and reinstall it

  1. On your Xbox One, go to Xbox Live and sign in.
  2. On the Home Screen, select My Games and Apps.
  3. Select the game you want to delete and press the Y button on your controller.
  4. Select Delete Game from the menu.
  5. Select Yes to confirm.
  6. On the confirmation page, select Reinstall Game.
  7. Select the game you want to reinstall and press the A button on your controller.
  8. Select Install from the menu.
  9. Select the game disc.
  10. Enter your password if prompted.
  11. Select Install.
  12. Select Yes to confirm.
  13. The game will start reinstalling and you'll be prompted to sign in.
  14. After the game reinstalls, you'll be back to the Home Screen.
  15. Select My Games and Apps.
  16. Select the game you want to play and press the X button on your controller.
  17. Select Play from the menu.

4. Contact customer support

  1. Launch the game and sign in.
  2. Click on the "Support" tab and select "Contact customer support."
  3. Enter your game's registration code and click "Submit."
  4. A support representative will contact you.