How to fix the Call of Duty error code 4128?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The Call of Duty error code 4128 is a general error code that indicates a problem with the game's installation. This error code can occur for a variety of reasons, including corrupt game files, outdated drivers, or incompatible hardware. In most cases, the error can be fixed by simply reinstalling the game. However, if the problem persists, it may be necessary to contact Activision for further support.

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1. Restart your computer and try again

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Remove the battery and plug in your power adapter.
  3. Restore your computer to its original settings by following the instructions on your computer’s restore disk.
  4. Once your computer is restored, turn it on.
  5. If your computer does not start up, go to step 8.
  6. If your computer starts up, go to step 7.
  7. If you are unable to fix the error code 4128, restart your computer and try again.
  8. If you are still unable to fix the error code 4128, your computer may need to be serviced.

2. Check for updates and install any that are available

  1. Open the "Settings" menu on your Xbox One console.
  2. Select "System."
  3. Select "Update and Recovery."
  4. Select "Check for Updates."
  5. If there are any updates available, they will be displayed.
  6. Select the update that you want to install.
  7. If the update requires a restart, it will be required before it can be installed.
  8. The update will be installed, and the console will restart.
  9. Once the console has restarted, you will be able to play your games.

3. Delete any custom game settings you may have

1.Open up the "Call of Duty" game 2.Select "Settings" from the main menu 3.Select "Game Options" 4.Select "Custom Game Settings" 5.Delete any custom game settings you may have 6.Select "OK" to save your changes and exit the "Game Options" screen

4. Reset your in-game options to the default values

  1. Open the "Call of Duty" game folder
  2. Locate the "black_ops" folder
  3. Locate the "settings" folder
  4. Locate the "options" folder
  5. Locate the "default" folder
  6. Locate the "movies" folder
  7. Locate the "sound" folder
  8. Locate the "spaces" folder
  9. Locate the "maps" folder
  10. Locate the "gameinfo" folder
  11. Edit the "default.ini" file
  12. Change the "bEnableForegroundShadows" value to "0"
  13. Change the "AllowMultiplayerOnSinglePlayerMaps" value to "0"
  14. Change the "AllowGameToBeRestarted" value to "1"

5. Temporarily disable any security software you may have running

To temporarily disable security software, first ensure that the software is not preventing you from accessing the internet. Then, open the security software's settings and disable the features that you believe are causing the problem. Finally, restart the security software to apply these changes.

If you didn't find success with an option above, then try:

  1. Try running the game in compatibility mode.
  2. Verify the game files through Steam.
  3. Reinstall the game.