How do I fix error code 003-1102?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The error code 003-1102 is a Nintendo Switch error code that indicates a problem with the system's software. The error code can occur for various reasons, but is typically caused by a corrupt or damaged system file. This can happen if the system is improperly shut down, or if the system's software is not up to date. The error code can also be caused by a hardware issue, such as a damaged SD card.

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1. Check your internet connection and try again

  1. In your internet browser, type "netstat -an" and hit Enter. This will open a window that will list all active connections.
  2. Look for a line that says "TCP:80 (LISTENING)". If this line is not present, then your internet connection is not working.
  3. If the "TCP:80 (LISTENING)" line is present, then your internet connection is working. However, you may still be experiencing an error code 003-1102.
  4. To try and fix the error code 003-1102, you will need to restart your computer. To do this, simply press the power button and then press the restart button on your computer.

2. If you are using a wireless connection, try connecting with a wired connection

  1. Try to connect to the internet with a wired connection.
  2. If you are still experiencing the error code 003-1102, try to troubleshoot the problem with the help of a technician.

3. If the issue persists, try restarting your console

  1. If you are experiencing the 003-1102 error code on your console, try restarting your console.
  2. Restart your console by pressing the " POWER " button and the " RESET " button at the same time.
  3. After your console restarts, press " F2 " to enter the " System Information " screen.
  4. Look for the " Boot-Up Configuration " section and make sure that " UEFI/Legacy Boot " is set to " Legacy " or " UEFI ".
  5. If UEFI/Legacy Boot is still set to " UEFI ", try changing it to " Legacy " or " UEFI/GPT ".
  6. Press " F5 " to reload the system configuration.
  7. If the issue persists, try restarting your console in order to fix the error code.

Some users might also have success with the following opitons:

  1. If the issue still persists, try deleting and redownloading your profile.
  2. If the issue continues, contact Nintendo customer support.