How to fix Far Cry 5 Error 20006?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

This error code indicates that there is a problem with the game's installation, and it is unable to connect to the game server. This can happen if the game files are corrupt, or if the game server is down.

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1. Restart your computer and try again

  1. Shut down your computer.
  2. Remove the battery if it is attached to your computer.
  3. Hold down the power button for at least 10 seconds to discharge any residual power from your computer.
  4. Reconnect the battery if you removed it.
  5. When the computer starts up, press the F8 key repeatedly to open the boot menu.
  6. Select your operating system from the list and press Enter.
  7. Select your language and click OK.
  8. Select your computer's boot drive from the list and press Enter.
  9. Select your far cry 5 error 20006 installation drive from the list and press Enter.
  10. Select your far cry 5 error 20006 installation folder from the list and press Enter.
  11. Click on the far cry 5 error 20006 installation file and press Enter.
  12. Click on the Restart button.
  13. Click on the OK button.

2. Update your graphics drivers and try again

  1. Right-click on the "My Computer" icon and select "Manage"
  2. Click on the "Device Manager" icon
  3. Expand the "Display Adapters" category and locate the graphics adapter that is not working
  4. Right-click on the graphics adapter and select "Update Driver".
  5. If the "Update Driver" window opens, click on the "Browse" button and select the driver file that you downloaded from the NVIDIA website.
  6. Click on the "Next" button and follow the on-screen instructions.
  7. If the "Update Driver" window confirms that the driver has been installed, click on the "Finish" button.
  8. Restart your computer.

3. Verify your game files and try again

  1. Navigate to your far cry 5 installation directory.
  2. Locate the "bin" folder.
  3. Open the "bin" folder and locate the "fc5" folder.
  4. Open the "fc5" folder and locate the "game" folder.
  5. Locate the "game.exe" file.
  6. Right-click on the "game.exe" file and select "Properties".
  7. Click on the "Compatibility" tab.
  8. Check the "Run this program in compatibility mode for" box and select "Windows 7 (SP1)".
  9. Click on the "OK" button.
  10. Close the "Properties" window.
  11. Double-click on the "game.exe" file to run the game.
  12. If the game launches successfully, then the problem is likely with your game files and you will need to fix them.

4. Reinstall the game and try again

  1. Restart your Xbox One.
  2. Go to the “My Games and Apps” screen.
  3. Select “Far Cry 5” from the list of games.
  4. Click on the “Restart Game” button.
  5. Select “Yes” to the restarting Xbox message.
  6. When the game restarts, choose to “Start New Game”.
  7. Enter your profile name and password.
  8. Choose to “Continue”.
  9. Choose to “Far Cry 5” from the game list.
  10. Click on the “Options” button.
  11. Choose to “Gameplay”.
  12. Click on the “Issues” button.
  13. Choose to “Report a Problem”.
  14. Choose to “Far Cry 5 – Error 20006” from the list of issues.
  15. Choose to “Attach File”.
  16. Select the “Far Cry 5.log” file.
  17. Click on the “Submit” button.
  18. Your issue has been reported and a fix is in progress. Please wait a few minutes while we work on it.