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Bosch dishwasher error code E15

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By Genesis and InahUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is 'Error code E15' in Bosch dishwashers?

Error code E15 in Bosch dishwashers is an error that usually occurs when there is no water in the device. In some cases, the device may also believe that there is no water in it.

How can you fix 'Error code E15' in Bosch dishwashers?

Some of the common fixes include:

  • Resetting the dishwasher

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Reset the dishwasher

"Error code E15" in Bosch dishwashers may mean that the dishwasher has water in the base. To fix this, you may need to remove the water from the base and reset the dishwasher. To reset it, see the steps below.

  1. Turn off the power supply of the dishwasher.
  2. Remove it from the cabinet.
  3. Remove the water from the base.
  4. Then, tilt it back 45 degrees.
  5. Push it back to the cabinet.
  6. Turn the power on.
  7. See if the error disappears.