How do I fix IRS Error Code 7026?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

Error code 7026 is a generic error code that indicates there is a problem with the IRS e-file system. This error code can be caused by a number of things, including heavy traffic on the IRS e-file system, an incorrect Social Security number or taxpayer identification number, or an invalid bank account number. This error code generally means that the IRS is unable to process the taxpayer's return at this time and that the taxpayer should try again later.

1. Contact the IRS

  1. To begin, you will need to locate the IRS Error Code 7026 on the IRS website.
  2. Once you have located the Error Code 7026, you will need to click on the link that corresponds to your issue.
  3. On the next page, you will need to provide the required information in order to help the IRS resolve your issue.
  4. If you have questions about how to submit your information, you can contact the IRS via phone or online chat.

2. Check for updates on the IRS website

  1. Go to the IRS website.
  2. Click on the “Tools” menu.
  3. Click on “Check for Updates.”
  4. Enter your user ID and password.
  5. Click on “Check for Updates.”
  6. If there are any updates available, they will be listed.
  7. Click on the “Update Now” button to download and install the updates.
  8. Click on the “Sign Out” button to finish using the IRS website.

3. Try filing your tax return again

The IRS Error Code 7026 is a computer error that occurs when the IRS cannot process your return because of an error. To fix this error, you will need to file your return again. The first step is to find out what error code your return has. To do this, you will need to call the IRS toll-free number (1-800-829-1040) and select "problem returns." From there, you will be able to find your error code. The second step is to determine what needs to be filed to fix the error. This will depend on the error code. The most common fixes for Error Code 7026 are correcting the tax information on your return, filing amended returns, and filing a new return.

4. Get help from a tax professional

If you receive an IRS error code 7026, it is important to contact a tax professional to help you fix the issue. The following steps will help you get started:

  1. Determine the source of the error code. First, determine the source of the error code. This can be done by checking your tax return or IRS statement. If you have received an IRS notice or correspondence about an issue with your return, the error code may be related. If you do not have any documents or information about the issue, you can try to search for information online.
  2. Contact the IRS. Once you have determined the source of the error code, you should contact the IRS. This can be done by calling the IRS toll-free line at 1-800-829-1040 or by visiting an IRS office.
  3. Provide the IRS with the information it needs. When you contact the IRS, you will need to provide the agency with the information it needs to help you fix the issue. This information may include your name, Social Security number, address, and tax return information.
  4. Wait for the IRS to help you. Once the IRS receives your information, it will likely need more time to investigate the issue. The IRS may contact you to ask additional information or to schedule an appointment to review your return. In some cases, the IRS may be able to fix the issue without needing your input.