How do I fix the F1 error code on a Whirlpool washer?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

F1 error code on Whirlpool washer is caused by a water temperature sensor error. The washer will not fill with water if the water temperature sensor is not working properly.

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If the answers above didn't work then you should also try:

  1. Check the Drain Pump:
  2. -Make sure that the drain pump is not clogged.
  3. -If the drain pump is clogged, clean it out and try again.
  4. Check the Drain Hose:
  5. -Make sure that the drain hose is not kinked or blocked.
  6. -If the drain hose is kinked, try to straighten it out.
  7. -If the drain hose is blocked, try to clear the blockage.
  8. Check the Water Inlet Valve:
  9. -Make sure that the water inlet valve is turned on.
  10. -If the water inlet valve is turned off, turn it on and try again.
  11. Check the Water Level Sensor:
  12. -Make sure that the water level sensor is not defective.
  13. -If the water level sensor is defective, replace it and try again.