How to fix error 42015

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

Error 42015 means that the user's account is not authorized to access the requested resource. This error code may occur if the user's account is not authorized to access the requested resource, or if the user is not logged in.

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1. Check your internet connection and try again

  1. Go to the "Settings" tab on your device and select "Network & Internet".
  2. Under the "Connection" heading, check that your internet is connected and correct your connection settings if required.
  3. If your internet still fails to connect, try restarting your device. If that fails, try again by pressing and holding the power button for a few seconds until the device powers off, then power on again.
  4. If all else fails, please contact customer service for further assistance.

2. Try logging in with a different account

  1. If you are having trouble logging in with your current account, you may need to try logging in with a different account.
  2. If you are having trouble logging in with a different account, you will need to visit the login page and enter your email address and password for the account you are trying to log in with.
  3. If you are still having trouble logging in, you may need to contact customer service.

3. Update your payment information

  1. Log in to your account at paypal.com.
  2. Click the “Account” link in the upper-left corner of the homepage.
  3. Under “My Account,” click the “Manage Payment Methods” link.
  4. In the “Manage Payment Methods” page, under “Credit Card,” click the “Update Credit Card Information” link.
  5. In the “Update Credit Card Information” page, enter your credit card information and click the “Update” button.
  6. If necessary, update your credit card expiration date and security code.
  7. Click the “Submit” button.
  8. Your updated information will appear in the “Manage Payment Methods” page.

4. Contact customer support

Step 1: Click on the "Help" tab and click on "Contact Us." Step 2: Fill out the form with your contact information and click on "Submit." Step 3: A representative from customer support will contact you to help resolve the issue.