How to fix error code 80000000

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

Error code 80000000 is a Windows error code that indicates a problem with a device or driver. This error can occur if a device driver is not compatible with the version of Windows you are using, or if the device is not properly configured. This error can also occur if the device is not connected properly, or if the device is not responding to commands.

1. Check your internet connection and try again

  1. Check your internet connection to see if it is working properly.
  2. If your internet connection is not working, try restarting your modem or router.
  3. Once your internet connection is working, try again to connect to the internet.
  4. If you are still getting the error code 80000000a, contact your internet service provider for further assistance.

2. Try restarting your computer

  1. If you are encountering error code 80000000A, first try restarting your computer. This may resolve the issue and allow you to continue using your computer as normal.
  2. If restarting your computer does not fix the error, try running a virus scan to see if there are any malware or viruses causing the issue.
  3. If you are still encountering the error, try resetting your computer to its factory settings. This will erase all of your data, so be sure to backup any important files beforehand.
  4. If none of the above steps work, you may need to contact a computer technician to further diagnose the issue.

3. Try reinstalling the program

  1. Try to uninstall the program that is giving you the error code 800000005.
  2. If that does not work, then try to reinstall the program.
  3. If the reinstall does not work, then try to run a virus scan on your computer to see if there is a virus causing the problem.
  4. If the virus scan does not find anything, then you may need to contact the program's support team for help.

4. Check for updates to the program

  1. Open the Control Panel.
  2. Click on System and Security.
  3. Click on Windows Update.
  4. In the left pane, click on Check for updates.
  5. Windows will now check for available updates and download them automatically.
  6. Once the updates are installed, restart your computer and check if the error 800000008004DE98 is fixed.

5. Contact the program's support team

The first step is to open the program and click on the "Help" tab. Second, click on the "Contact Support" option. This will open a new window with the support team's contact information. Third, explain the error code and ask for help to fix it.