Samsung washer error code UE

Samsung washer error code UE is an error that usually appears when the washing machine has detected an unbalanced load. It may also stop the machine when it is on spin cycle. The error may also appear as “E4” or “Ub.”

Staff Asked on April 16, 2018 in Samsung.
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Solution 1. Balance or reduce the Load

“Samsung washer error code UE” could be due to unbalanced load or overload/underweight. See guide below.

  1. If it is Unbalanced: Group your laundry according to size or types of fabric, because the machine may not be able to distribute the weight properly, result to lower spin speed. Also, check the machine if it is standing properly, because uneven surface may also cause unbalance load.
  2. If it is Overload: The machine will not run properly until you reduce the load.
  3. If it is Underweight: It will also cause undistributed weight and will result to lower spin speed, adding load might help.

If the issue persists, the washing machine might be defective. Request for Samsung technicians to check your machine.

Staff Answered on April 17, 2018.
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