How do I fix the Samsung washer NF code?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The NF code on a Samsung washer indicates that the washer is not draining properly. This error code can be caused by a clogged drain, a faulty drain pump, or a blockage in the drain hose. If the NF code is displayed, the washer will not start the spin cycle. To clear the NF code, the washer must be drained and the blockage must be removed.

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1. Check the washer's drain hose to make sure it is not clogged or kinked

First, turn off the water to the washer. Next, remove the drain hose from the washer. Next, look for any dirt, hair, or other debris in the drain hose. If there is debris in the drain hose, then the hose is likely clogged and needs to be cleaned. If the drain hose is clean, then the next step is to check for kinks or twists in the hose. If there are any kinks or twists in the hose, then the hose needs to be replaced.

2. Clean the washer's drain pump filter

  1. Remove the front panel of the washer.
  2. Remove the drain pump filter.
  3. Clean the filter with a garden hose.
  4. Reattach the filter to the drain pump.
  5. Replace the front panel of the washer.

3. Run a cycle with the washer's self-clean feature

1.Open the lid of the washer and locate the self-clean cycle button. 2.Press and hold the cycle button until the washer starts the self-clean cycle. 3.Wait until the self-clean cycle is complete. 4.Open the lid of the washer and verify that the washing machine is clean.

4. Contact Samsung customer service for assistance

The steps to contact Samsung customer service for assistance in order to fix a Samsung washer NF code are as follows: -First, check the Samsung washer's manual to see if there is a specific step you need to take in order to troubleshoot the NF code. -If there is no specific step listed in the manual, then try to reset the washer by unplugging it and plugging it back in. -If resetting the washer does not help, then try to troubleshoot the NF code by calling Samsung customer service. -Samsung customer service will ask you some basic questions about your washer and the problem you are experiencing. -They will then ask you to send them the washer's service manual and the codes you are getting on the error message. -Samsung customer service will use this information to try to diagnose the problem.