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Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death error E74

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death error E74?

Xbox 360 Red Ring of Death error E74 is an error code that means that the Xbox 360 has experienced hardware failure and it needs to be repaired. The error may occur due to overheating, specifically when heat warps the CPU or GPU away from the motherboard, or when heat warps the HANA/ ANA chip from the motherboard.

The error may also be caused by excessive dust.

1. Warranty your Xbox 360

Xbox 360 error E74 appears when a mainboard chip is failing. It could be caused by a damaged solder joint. The damaged solder joint is a result of overheat. Solder Joints are soldering lead that connects Xbox chips to the mainboard. If Xbox 360 error E74 appears it is advisable to send your Xbox to a service center if it has a warranty. However, if the warranty is void or null, send it to a technician that repair chip level damage.

2. Reheat Chipset

"Xbox 360 error E74" occur when a chip is desoldered in the mainboard. As explained in solution 1, it is due to overheating. It could also be fixed by heating the chip. If the warranty of your Xbox is null or void you could try the following the options under solution 2 in this link here. However, this may damage your Xbox and it could void your warranty.

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