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openSUSE Grub error 17

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By Ariane and GenesisUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

openSUSE Grub error 17 is an error that usually occurs when the partition requested exists but Grub does not recognize the file system type. It may be caused by a messed up table disk partition order. The error may manifest as "Cannot mount selected partition."

1. Check disk format and location

"openSUSE Grub error 17" might be caused by loading the openSUSE to a partition that is formatted as NTFS or FAT. Make sure the disk format is unallocated so it can be formatted to EXT4 for Linux. Also, make sure the partition you are targeting to install is correct. root (h0,0) means the first 0 is the first hard drive and the second 0 is the partition on that drive.

2. Test Hard Disk Drive

ÔÇťopenSUSE Grub error 17" may also due to a hard disk drive that has bad sectors. Test your hard drive for any defect before install openSUSE. If the hard disk drive is found defective replace it with a working hard drive.

To test a hard drive use software tool such has sentinel and HD tune pro. If you are using Windows use CHKDSK command in the Command prompt.