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PS4 error ce 33986-9

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

What is PS4 error ce 33986-9?

PS4 error ce 33986-9 is an error that usually occurs due to an internet connection error or the PlayStation Network (PSN) is undergoing maintenance.

How can you fix PS4 error ce 33986-9?

Some of the solutions to this error include testing your internet connection and configuring the PS4 Network Setting.

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Test Internet Connection

PS4 error ce 33986-9 is an error if you could not reach the PSN server. It could be the Playstation server is undergoing maintenance, if it does wait until the server is up. However, if your internet connection is having an issue. There are lots to test for. Please see below for the guides.

Firstly, please normally shut down your PS4 and unplug it. Then, turn off and unplug your router and modem for at least 30 to 1 min. After this, power on all device and try to check if you could connect.

If you could not connect test your internet speed by accessing speedtest.net using your PC or your Mobile phone. If the output of the speedtest.net is equal or nearly equal to your subscription, your PS4 connection has the problem. Otherwise, your ISP is the cause, if it is the ISP call them or try another day.

Try to connect through another network setup, if you’re using ethernet cable try using WiFi or vice versa. If both are having the error, connect directly to the modem, then reset your modem to restore its default setting and try again. However, if one of the setups is running smoothly, please see below.
For WiFi problem, look for a spot with a better WiFi signal.
For Ethernet cable problem, replace the cable. You could also try using other router or modem ports.

2. Configure PS4 Network Setting

Accidental changes to any of the settings in theInternet Connection Settings may be the cause of PS4 error ce 33986-9. Please follow the steps below to set it back to default.

  1. From the main menu, go to Settings.
  2. Select Network Settings ==> Internet Connection Settings.
  3. Press OK on the confirmation screen.
  4. Select Custom.
  5. Choose either Wired Connection or Wireless, depending on your connection method.
    WiFi: Under Use Wi-Fi, select Custom. Select your Wi-Fi network name.
    **Wired:**If it is a wired connection, select Custom for Operation mode.
  6. Select Automatic for IP Address Setting.
  7. Select Do Not Set for DHCP hostname.
  8. Select Automatic for DNS Setting.
  9. Select Automatic for MTU.
  10. Select Do Not Use for Proxy Server.
  11. Save your settings.
  12. Try to connect again.

3. Configure Router

PS4 error CE 33986-9 might be caused by your router. Try to configure your router to set an IP address only for your PS4. To do this. watch it here on YouTube or see instruction below.

Step 1. Copy the MAC Address of the PS4

  1. Go to Settings >> System >> System Information
  2. Copy the MAC Address MAC Address (WiFi): If you are using PS4 WiFi MAC Address (LAN Cable): If you are using the PS4 Ethernet cable
  3. Disconnect your PS4 to your router or turn off it off.

Step 2. Access your router

  1. Run a browser. Ex. Google Chrome, Firefox or MS Edge.
  2. Type the Gateway IP address in the browser address bar. a. To know your Gateway, click Windows Start, type CMD, and press Enter key. b. Then in the Command prompt type ipconfig /all and then press Enter key. c. Look for Default Gateway.
  3. Enter the username and password of the router.
  4. Look for Static IP address or address reservation. NOTE: Each router model has a different User Interface.
  5. Add New.
  6. Type the MAC address of the PS4 and the IP address you want to assign.
  7. Make sure it is set to Enable and then Save.
  8. Now look for your DNS server setting in the router.
  9. Input Google Public DNS which is and
  10. Then Save.
  11. Then power cycle your router. Unplug it for at least 30 seconds.
  12. Turn on the router until it could provide internet access.
  13. Turn on the PS4.