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PS4 error NP 37637-6

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

What is 'PS4 error NP 37637-6'?

"PS4 error NP 37637-6" is an error that may occur when the user is having problems logging into the PlayStation Network (PSN) from PS4.

How can you fix 'PS4 error NP 37637-6'?

Some of the common fixes include:

  • Power cycling your device and checking for a system software update

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Power cycle your device and check System Software Update

"PS4 error NP-37637-6" may be caused by a new System Software Update or your PS4 is not updated. To fix it, update your PS4. But before you go for a System Software Update, power cycle (turn and then unplug for at least three minutes) your PS4 first, and the check for updates. Go to Settings and look for System Software Update.

Power cycle your device and check System Software Update
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech

If no update is available, go to safe mode check Update System Software. To go to Safe mode see steps 1 below or watch it here on YouTube.

Step 1. Go to Safe Mode

Step 2. Update System Software / Rebuild Database

  1. In Safe mode select Update System Software.
  2. If not update available try to Rebuild Database to check the integrity of the firmware.