How to fix Battlefront 2 error code 4932?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

The error code 4932 is a problem that can occur when trying to play the game "Battlefront 2." This error is typically caused by a corrupt or missing game file, and can be fixed by reinstalling the game or verifying the game files through Steam.

1. Check your internet connection and make sure it is stable

  1. Verify that your computer has an active internet connection.
  2. If your computer does not have an active internet connection, install a broadband internet connection.
  3. If your computer has a broadband internet connection, verify that your internet connection is stable.
  4. If your computer has a stable internet connection, try to fix battlefront 2 error code 4932.

2. Restart your computer and try again

  1. Hit the "Windows" key on your keyboard and type "reboot".
  2. Hit Enter.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. If the computer restarts successfully, try to play the game again. If the error persists, please contact EA Support.

3. Update your graphics drivers

  1. Open the Control Panel and select System and Security.
  2. Click on the Device Manager tab.
  3. Right-click on the device that is giving you the error code and select Update Driver.
  4. In the Driver Update Wizard, click on the Search for updated driver files button.
  5. On the Driver File Search Results page, click on the Browse button.
  6. Navigate to the location where you saved the driver files for your graphics card.
  7. Select the driver file and click on the Open button.
  8. Click on the Next button.
  9. On the Confirm Update Options page, click on the Update button.
  10. Click on the Finish button.
  11. Close the Device Manager window.
  12. Restart your computer.

4. Verify your game files

  1. Click on your Battlefront 2 game file.
  2. On the right side of the window, click on "Properties."
  3. On the "General" tab, click on "Validate."
  4. If the game file is corrupted, Origin will inform you and offer to fix it. Otherwise, you can click on "OK" to finish the validation process.

5. Reinstall the game

Launch the game and sign in. Click on the Battlefront 2 icon and select the installation option. Click on the location of the game and select the correct installation. Click on the Play button to start the installation. If the installation fails, try the steps again. When the installation is complete, click on the Battlefront 2 icon and select the Game Start option. Choose to launch the game as an administrator. When the game starts, choose to join a battle or create a new one. If the game crashes, click on the Settings icon and select the Troubleshooting option. Choose the Battlefront 2 error code 4932 option and follow the instructions.