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iPhone error code 9

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By Ariane and GenesisUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is iPhone error code 9?

iPhone error code 9 is an error that may be caused by a software issue like a firewall blocking access to servers during the update. It could also be due to a hardware issues.

How can you fix iPhone error code 9?

Some of the solutions to this error include testing the USB ports and cable, and testing the hardware.

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Test USB port and USB cable

iPhone error code 9 is usually caused by the connection between your iPhone and your iTunes. Mostly this is due to faulty USB cable, USB port, and software including iTunes. To test your connection, please see below.

  1. Remove all USB connected devices except for the keyboard and mouse.
  2. Disable any anti-virus installed on your PC or OS X.
  3. Make sure you are using IPSW (Firmware) that is compatible with your iPhone.
  4. Use the iPhone USB cable or a high-speed USB cable to connect to your computer.
  5. Test all USB ports.
  6. Borrow a USB cable, then try again.

2. Test hardware

iPhone error code 9 may also occur due to faulty hardware. Test the hardware to determine which one is faulty and fix the issue accordingly.

NOTE: If the device is out of warranty, go to a cellphone repair shop that has chip level repair skill especially the hardware below.

  1. Dismantle LCD, battery, and camera. Detach the LCD from the iPhone and do a Device Firmware Upgrade (DFU). If it does not proceed, reconnect LCD back, and then disconnect the camera and do a DFU. If one of the detached parts is causing the error, it could be replaced easily. The battery is tested using the voltage meter. Check the voltage output and check the sign in the battery if they are the same. It should be around 3.82volts. If the battery output is 0, the battery is dead.
  2. The error may also be related to corrupted NAND chip, also known as the storage device on your iPhone. Mostly, corrupted NAND chip is replaced to fix the iPhone, but some are fixed by just reballing the chip. Reballing reconnects your NAND chip to your mainboard to remove loose solder joints.
  3. A common cause of loosening connection of the CPU and NAND chip to the mainboard is due to a physical impact such as falling.
  4. The error may also occur if your iPhone Mainboard is faulty. The mainboard may not communicate with your NAND chip, or the CPU could not communicate to your NAND chip due to the defect. Consider replacing the whole Mainboard module or buy a new phone because Mainboard module is very expensive.