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Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One?

Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One is an error that usually occurs due to a connectivity issue, which prevents your device from reaching the Netflix server.

How can you fix Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One?

Some of the solutions to this error include turning off your device, checking the internet connection, and setting up the Domain Name System (DNS).

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Turn off your device

Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One may occur if your device and your modem router are intermittently disconnecting from each other or from the internet service provider (ISP). Unplugging your device for at least one to three minutes so the connection will get updated and refreshed may fix the error. This process will also delete the cache problem.

If this process does not work, please proceed to Solution 2.

2. Check Internet Connection

Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One may occur due to connectivity issues. If you are using WiFi, convert to wire setting (ethernet cable) or vice versa. If fails, use another device that could run Netflix. If it runs smoothly without any problem, your internet connection is fine. Please skip this solution.

However, if all your devices could not run Netflix, something may be wrong with your internet connection or your home network. If you have applied a parental control over your Internet service provider (ISP) or any security policies, it may also be the cause of the error. You may want to call your ISP to ask how to disable it. In addition, security policies could also be set in some modem routers. If you have it on your home network, you may want to disable it.

Next is your internet speed. Your ISP may be under maintenance, which causes internet problem. You may want to confirm it by stress testing your internet speed. Visit this site speedtest.net. If your internet speed is far below from normal, you may want to call your ISP or try to stream at a later time. If it is normal, someone in your home network might be using too much bandwidth. Let them finish the activity, then stream later.

But if all test fails, try changing the Domain Name System (DNS) setting in Solution 3.

3. Set up Domain Name System (DNS)

Your DNS may have been misconfigured, resulting in Netflix error NW 2-5 Xbox One. You may want to configure it manually or call your Internet service provider and ask for a DNS address. Google has a public DNS for free, which is and See guide below or watch it here on YouTube.

  1. Press the Guide button on your controller.
  2. For Xbox One: Select All Settings ==> Network ==> Network settings ==> Advanced settings.
  3. Select DNS Settings and select Manual.
  4. Turn off Xbox and turn on again.
  5. Try Netflix.