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Netflix error code NW-2-4

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By Ariane and GenesisUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is Netflix error code NW-2-4?

Netflix error code NW-2-4 is an error that usually occurs when you fail to connect with Netflix due to connectivity issues.

How can you fix Netflix error code NW-2-4?

Some of the solutions to this error include turning off your device, connecting directly to the modem, checking DNS setting for a gaming console, and reactivating your device.

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Turn off your device

An intermittent connection may be causing Netflix error code NW 2-4 to appear on your device. To fix this, Please unplug your device and modem router for at least one to three minutes. Leaving your devices off for a few minutes will erase the data stored on both while allowing the connection and the data to be updated.

If this does not work, please proceed to Solution 2.

2. Connect Directly to the Modem

Network setting also interrupts the communication between your device and the Netflix server and may cause Netflix error code NW 2-4 to appear. You may want to configure your router using the YouTube Video below.


If your modem and router are separate devices, try connecting your device directly to the modem. If this works, avoid using the router for Netflix.

NOTE: For PS3, and PS4, please see below for additional Solution 3.

**NOTE:**If all of the above does not work, call your Internet service provider. They might be the cause of the problem or the modem they provided may be broken.

3. Check DNS setting for Gaming Console

Network setting inside your Playstation also interrupts the communication between your device and the Netflix server. Please configure the network settings to the default setting.

PS3 and PS4

  1. Starting from the PlayStation **Settings,**go to Network Settings then Internet Connection Settings.
  2. Pick Custom.
  3. For Wireless PS3:pick WLAN section, now select Enter Manually.
    Then press Right key three times to access
    IP Address Setting

    **For Wireless PS4:**Wi-Fi then Custom and then select your WiFi SSID.

For Wired: select Custom for Operation mode. 4. Pick Automatic for IP Address Setting. 5. Pick Do Not Set for DHCP hostname. 6. Pick Automatic for DNS Setting. 7. Pick Automatic for MTU. 8. Pick Do Not Use for Proxy Server. 9. For PS3 only, select Enable for UPnP. 10. Save your settings. 11. Try Netflix.

4. Reactivate your device

Netflix error NW 2-4 may appear if your device has not been activated. Usually, it appears when your device has undergone a firmware update. If the device has remained unactivated, please turn off the device for 30 seconds then retry the activation.

Reactivate your device
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech

For Smart TV and Roku

  1. Start the Netflix application.

  2. Press the arrow key of the remote using the image below.

  3. Deactivate window should appear. Deactivate your account.

  4. Start Netflix again, then log in your account.

For Playstation

  1. Start Netflix.
  2. While loading press and hold Start and Select button for 60 seconds.
  3. You should be log out by now.
  4. Close Netflix
  5. Start Netflix again, then log in your account.

5. Bypass firewall or any policies

Netflix error code NW-2-4 may appear when your home network is using a firewall and security policies such as parental controls. You might want to configure your router/modem to let the device directly connect to the internet without passing the firewall and security policies. In addition, if your internet service provider (ISP) has policies that could interrupt the streaming, you might want to call them, to disabled it in your account. Some ISP has policies that are accessible, you might want to check their website and log in your account to disable it. If you did disable or enable any policies in your ISP account, to enable it to your home network, turn off your modem for at least 30 sec and turn it back.

Also, manually inputting DNS in your device network configuration may able to bypass the firewall that is set in the network. DNS such and are public DNS provided by Google for free.

For PS4 see the YouTube guide here.