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Netflix error code nw 4 7

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is Netflix error code nw 4 7?

Netflix error code nw 4 7 is an error code that usually shows up when the server has failed to receive your request to connect.

How can you fix Netflix error code nw 4 7?

Some of the solutions to this error include turning off your device, testing your home network, checking the DNS setting for a gaming console, and re-signing in to your Netflix account.

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Turn off your device

Your device may be disconnecting intermittently with your modem router or your modem router might have been desynchronized with your ISP (Internet Service Provider) causing you to encounter Netflix error code nw 4 7. To refresh your device and hardware connection, kindly power it down by unplugging for at least one to three minutes. After a few minutes, turn on all your devices and try Netflix again.

2. Test your Home Network

There may be something wrong with your home network causing you to experience Netflix error code nw 4 7. Please test your home networks one by one.

  1. Test other LAN port from your router or modem
  2. Wifi: Check if you have a good signal. If not, transfer the devices closer to each other.
  3. Ethernet cable: Check if the cable is in good condition. Test by using a spare or borrow an Ethernet cable.
  4. If your home network is used by multiple users, check if they are using a use a huge amount of bandwidth. If they are, let them finish, then try again.
  5. If not, check your internet speed by visiting speedtest.net using your device or your PC and mobile phone. If the speed is far less than your subscribe internet speed, you may want to call your internet service provider they may be the causes of Netflix error code NW 4 7.
  6. Also, you might also want to ask the ISP provider how to set IP static on the modem they provided and what DNS server address is appropriate to stream on Netflix.

NOTE: For PS3, PS4, Xbox One and Xbox 360, please see below for additional Solution 3.

3. Check DNS setting for Gaming Console

The network setting set on your console could be the cause of the Netflix error code nw 4 7. Please configure the network settings back to the default setting.

Re-sign in your Netflix
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech


  • Xbox 360: Go to Settings >> System Settings >> Network Settings >> Network >> Configure Network >> DNS Settings >> Automatic
  • Xbox One: Go to All Settings >> Network >> Network settings >> Advanced settings >> DNS Settings >> Automatic

PS3 and PS4

  1. Go to Settings >> Network Settings >> Internet Connection Settings >> Custom.
  2. Choose either Wired Connection or Wireless, depending on your connection method.
    For PS3 only, if Wireless, use the following steps before proceeding.
    Under the WLAN section, select Enter Manually.
    Press the right directional button three times to get to IP Address Setting.
    For PS4 only, if Wireless, use the following steps before proceeding:
    Under Use Wi-Fi, select Custom.
    Select your Wi-Fi network name.
    For both PS3 and PS4: If it is a wired connection, select Custom for Operation mode.
  3. Select **Automatic for IP Address Setting >>****Do Not Set for DHCP hostname >>****Automatic for DNS Setting >>**Automatic for MTU >> Do Not Use for Proxy Server.
  4. For PS3 only, select Enable for UPnP.
  5. Save your settings.

A YouTube guide is provided for setting up the DNS server for your router.

For Xbox One see it here.
For PlayStation 4 see it here.

4. Re-sign in your Netflix

Your account may have been desynchronized, which causes the Netflix error code NW 4 7 to appear. Please re-into your account and that might fix the problem.

Re-sign in your Netflix
Image Credit: genesismarasigan / ErrorSolutions.tech

For Smart TV and Roku

  1. Launch the Netflix app.

  2. Press the arrow key of the remote:

  3. A deactivation window will appear.

  4. Select Deactivate.

  5. Re-launch Netflix, let it update if needed.

  6. Log in your account.

For Playstation

  1. Launch Netflix and quickly hold Start and Select for at least 1 min.
  2. A deactivation window will appear.
  3. Select the Deactivate.
  4. Re-launch Netflix, let it update if needed.
  5. Log in your account.

5. Bypass firewall or any policies

Network security such as a firewall may also result in Netflix error code NW 4 7. Network security protocol sometimes interrupts the connection of the device to the Netflix server. One example of this security is parental control that may be bundled to your internet service provider (ISP) services. Disabling network security may help to avoid Netflix error code NW 4 7 when streaming.

Bypassing firewall running through the router or a network computer server may also help. Try bypassing it by directly connecting your device to the modem provided by the ISP. Manually adding DNS to your device may also bypass some restriction of the firewall. Use Google Public DNS for your safety, and

If Netflix error code NW 4 7 persist, try to call the ISP and ask if your account has a parental control or any security policies that may prevent you from streaming Netflix. If it has. request for assistance on how to disable it. Some ISP provides the user an account to their website to enable and disable policies on the internet subscription. Try checking it.