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PS3 error 80028ea8

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By Ariane and GenesisUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

What is PS3 error 80028ea8?

PS3 error 80028ea8 is an error that usually occurs due to a PlayStation Network (PSN) maintenance.

How can you fix PS3 error 80028ea8?

Some of the solutions to this error include checking PSN for maintenance, entering your Internet service provider (ISP) username and password, and setting your Internet protocol (IP) address and domain name system (DNS) to Manual.

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Check PlayStation Network (PSN) for maintenance

"PS3 error 80028ea8" may occur due to PSN server maintenance. This includes emergency maintenance, DOS attack, and software update. To verify server maintenance, you may visit it here.

If the server is currently under maintenance, please wait until it is done and check for an update. Also, check the PSN official social media account to verify any emergency maintenance.

NOTE: Check for System Update every after server maintenance.

2. Enter Internet service provider (ISP) Username and Password

"PS3 error 80028ea8" may also occur due to your ISP, which requires you to log in, before accessing the internet. Enter your username and password. It could also be set in your PS3 internet browser. Try to open the PS3 internet browser and a sign-in page should appear. If not, call your internet service provider to assist you. Also, if you forget your username and password, please call your ISP.

If you have already signed in, and the error persists, delete the web browser cache, cookies, and authentication information. Please see below.

  1. Access your PS3 web browser and go to Tools.
  2. Select Delete Cookies.
  3. Then Select Delete Cache.
  4. And then Delete Authentication Information.
  5. Turn off then unplug your PS3 and modem router for three minutes.
  6. Turn on both devices, then access PS3 web browser.
  7. Sign back in.
  8. Check if the error was fixed.

3. Set internet protocol (IP) address and domain name system (DNS) to Manual

"PS3 error 80028ea8" may also occur due to unstable connection with the modem router. Setting your IP address and DNS server to manual may fix the error.

  1. From the PlayStation **Settings,**go to Network Settings.
  2. First, access Settings and Connection Status List.
  3. Take a picture of the details on it.
  4. Second, go back to Network Settings and access Internet Connection Settings.
  5. Then select Custom and select a connection method Wired or Wireless.
  6. In the IP address Settings, select manual.
  7. Input the details in the Settings and Connection Status List.
  8. While for the DNS use and
  9. MTU set to Automatic.
  10. Proxy server select Do Not Use.
  11. UPnP set to Enable.
  12. Restart your console.
  13. Sign in again. See if "PS3 error 80028ea8" is fixed.