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WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 10

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By Ariane and GenesisUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 10?

WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 10 is one of the errors during a Blue Screen of Death. It means the system has found an uncorrectable hardware error.

How can you correct WHEA uncorrectable error windows 10?

Some of the solutions to this error include:

  • Checking for overheating hardware
  • Testing hardware
  • Uninstalling a corrupt driver
  • Running an anti-virus

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Check for overheating hardware

“(Windows Hardware Error Architecture) WHEA uncorrectable error in Windows 10" also known as error code 0x00000124 triggers when Windows has detected a hardware problem such as overheating. WHEA uncorrectable error is mostly encountered in a computer with less airflow required by the hardware to run at a given load. The airflow might have been limited due to dust or a defective fan. The easiest fix to this error is to clean the computer hardware from dust that blocks the ventilation. Replace fan that is not working and add more fan for additional airflow.

Another cause of overheating hardware that results to WHEA uncorrectable error in Windows 10 is when a CPU or GPU is set to overclock. Disabling the overclocking tool or reducing the overclock setting may help fix the problem. Improving the airflow of the computer may also help stabilize the overclock settings.

2. Testing hardware

“WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 10” may also occur if there is a defective or semi-detached hardware component. Testing the hardware for defects may fix the error. See instructions below.

  1. Reset motherboard BIOS.
  2. Some motherboard BIOS has its own Hardware diagnostic test, run it. After the diagnosis, BIOS will report error encountered to a particular part. Example “HDD Smart status bad” for the hard disk drive (HDD).
  3. Clean the motherboard and the CPU Fan. A CPU fan which is full of dust causes overheating.
  4. Clean GPU (Graphics card) fan.
  5. Reconnect all cables including Power supply and SATA Cable.
  6. Remove RAM/Memory, clean the RAM gold pin using an eraser and re-seat RAM.
  7. Check HDD for noise, reconnect HDD if no noise is found. If yes, replace HDD. For SSD user, reconnect cables only.
  8. Remove all components that are connected to the PCI-E and USB port and boot Windows. If Windows proceeds to desktop and did not encounter any BSOD, the added components might be the cause.
  9. Connect components one by one. If BSOD is encountered upon startup on the newly connected component, try to remove it back and boot Windows again. If Windows boots up, try to connect the component back to confirm BSOD upon startup. If BSOD is encountered, it is likely that the component is the cause. It is either defective or incompatible.
  10. Test all Motherboard RAM slots if for any defects.

Test Memory / RAM

To test a memory/RAM, please see this link here.

Test HDD


Test the Graphics card


NOTE: If a component is defective, request for a warranty claim, if it is still valid, or else you need to buy a new one.

3. Uninstall corrupt driver or Windows Update

“WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 10” may also be caused by a malfunctioning driver or recently install Windows Update. Try to uninstall it using safe mode, then restart and install the latest driver or Window Update. Use the instructions below to access safe mode.

In safe mode, drivers are disabled, therefore you can uninstall the newly installed driver that caused the Blue screen of death (BSOD). Also, if your computer cannot access Windows desktop due to the BSOD, you might have a chance of booting in safe mode.

Access Safe Mode using Desktop


Access Safe Mode using****Windows bootable DVD or USB

  1. Boot to Windows bootable DVD or USB
  2. Press any key to when this message prompt “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD.
  3. Select your language, time and keyboard, and click “Next.”
  4. Click “Repair your computer.”
  5. Click “Troubleshoot ==> Advance Option ==>Start up Setting ==> Restart.”
  6. Select from Safe mode
  7. In the desktop, uninstall recently installed driver or Windows Update.
  8. Restart the PC to exit Safe mode.

Access Safe Mode using****Automatic repair


4. Run Anti-virus

"WHEA uncorrectable error Windows 10" may also occur when a malware with a script uses your hardware in full load, which caused overheating. Crypto mining script is one example. Try to scan your computer using an updated anti-virus to fix the error. You may use third-party anti-virus software because it offers more protection than the Windows Defender, check this link here.