iOS error 3194

What is iOS error 3194?

iOS error 3194 is an error that usually occurs when an expired or unsigned firmware is used.


How can you fix iOS error 3194?

Some of the solutions to this error include disabling or editing the host file.


Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

Ariane Staff Asked on August 8, 2017 in iOS.
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Solution 1. Disable or Edit Host File 

 iOS error 3194 may occur when the host file is interfering with the communication between your Mac and the Apple server. Disabling or editing the host file may fix the error. 

Option 1. Disable Host File

  1. Use finder, click Go and select Go to Folder. 

    RE: iOS error 3194

  2. Type in “/private/etc/hosts” and press Go.

    RE: iOS error 3194

    RE: iOS error 3194

  3. Run iTunes on your computer and plug in your iPhone, iPod touch, or iPad.
  4. Once the restoration is complete, return the host file to /private/etc.

Option 2. Edit Host File

  1. Use Finder, select application.
  2. Double-click Utilities
  3. Double-click Terminal
  4. Type sudo nano /ects/hosts then press Enter.
  5. Enter your password and press Enter.
  6. In the host file, type in
  7. Then control and O to save and then control and X.

    RE: iOS error 3194

Gino Genesis Marasigan Staff Answered on August 17, 2017.
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