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How do you fix common Mac OS error codes?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

There are many common Mac OS error codes, but some of the most frequent include the "kernel panic" and the "beach ball of death." The kernel panic error code indicates that the computer's kernel has become corrupt or unstable, and the beach ball of death error code indicates that the computer is struggling to complete a task. These error codes can happen for a variety of reasons, including hardware issues, software issues, or simply because the computer is overloaded. In most cases, restarting the computer will fix the problem, but if the error code persists, it is likely that there is a more serious issue that will need to be addressed.

1. Boot into Safe Mode

To boot into safe mode in Mac OS, press and hold the Option key as your computer starts up. From the menu that appears, select Safe Mode.

2. Run Disk Utility

Open the Disk Utility app on your Mac. Select your hard drive in the list on the left. Select the "Errors" tab. Select the problem you are trying to fix. Select the "Repair" button. Select the "Schedule" button. Select the "Start" button. Your Mac will start repairing the problem.

3. Reset the PRAM

First, restart your Mac computer. Second, hold down the "Command" and "R" keys at the same time, and then press the "S" key to enter "System Preferences." Third, click on "Hard Drive" in the left column, and then click on "Reset PRAM." Fourth, click on "Yes" to confirm the reset. Fifth, your Mac will restart and you will be prompted to enter your administrator password to continue. Sixth, after you enter your password, your Mac will restart again and you will be presented with the "Reset PRAM Successfully" message.

4. Reinstall Mac OS

  1. Boot from your Mac OS installation media.
  2. Choose the "Reinstall Mac OS" option from the Mac OS Utilities menu.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the installation.
  4. If you experience problems during the installation, follow the " Troubleshooting" instructions.

5. Restore from a Time Machine Backup

  1. Choose the device where the backup was made.
  2. Click the Restore button.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions.
  4. When the restore is complete, check the restore for errors.

If the answers above didn't work then you should also try:

  1. Use Disk Warrior