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Xbox 360 error code E65

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By Genesis and InahUpdated on June 3rd, 2022

Xbox 360 error code E65 is an error that usually indicates a problem with the console hardware.

1. Close the Disk Tray

"Xbox 360 error code E65" may be due to the Xbox 360 disc tray incompletely closed. To deal with this error, see steps below.

  1. Close you're the disk tray.
  2. Turn off your Xbox 360.
  3. Turn on your Xbox 360 using the disk tray eject button.
  4. See if it work.

2. Remove add-on

“Xbox 360 error code E65” may be due to USB flash drive, or any add-on that was connected to your Xbox 360. Try to remove all add-ons then turn on your Xbox 360.

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