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Error code 0x80070017 (Win 10, 8.1 & 7)

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By Genesis and SheilaUpdated on June 4th, 2022

What is 'Error code 0x80070017' in Windows 10, 8.1 and 7?

Error code 0x80070017 is an error that usually occurs when installing, reinstalling, or upgrading your Windows operating system. It may indicate the files being copied from the installation source have become corrupted, damaged, or modified when they arrived at the destination drive. The error may occur for a number of reasons including virus or malware infection, outdated system drivers, corrupted Windows system registry, faulty DVD or compatibility issues with the program or hardware.

Users of Windows 7 have been most affected by it but the error has been reported in Windows 10, 8.1 and 8.

How can you fix 'Error code 0x80070017'?

Some of the solutions to this error include:

  • Creating a bootable DVD or USB
  • Testing hardware
  • Installing Windows

Please see our in-depth walk-through solutions below.

1. Create a bootable DVD or USB

"Error code 0x80070017" may occur when you have a problem with your Windows bootable device, which occurs during the installation process.

NOTE: Use a legit Microsoft Windows ISO image or make use of the Microsoft Media creation tool to create a Windows 10 bootable USB or DVD. Please see download link here.


  • Use a DVD-R that has no scratch.
  • Use an Optical disk drive (DVD drive) that is in good condition.
  • When burning the installer, use slow but accurate speed.

USB 4gb or higher

  • Use a USB flash drive that is newly formatted and is not infected by any malware.
  • Flash drive must be 4gb or higher and in good condition.
  • If you are using USB 2 flash drive connect it to a USB 2 port same goes to USB 3 flash drive.

If you are done creating a bootable device, install it. You may use the video links in Solution 3 on how to install Windows 10.

If you encounter the error again during the installation process, please test your hard drive it might have a problem, please see Solution 2.

2. Test your Hardware

“Error code 0x80070017” may also occur when your hardware is defective. Testing your hardware for defects may fix the error.

For hard disk drive test

NOTE: To execute the test you need another working PC to connect and test the suspected hard disk drive and test.


For Memory / RAM test

Please see this link here.

3. Install Windows

If the hard disk drive and the memory were tested good but still the error code 0x80070017 appears. Try to use the following below depending where Error code 0x80070017 was encountered.

For Windows Update error 0x80070017

Try to reset your Windows it may fix the Windows Update error 0x80070017.


For Windows Installation error 0x80070017

Check out the video link below how to install Windows.

For Windows 7
For Windows 8