How do I fix Roku Error Code 006?

Alton Alexander
By Alton AlexanderUpdated on June 4th, 2022

Roku error code 006 typically happens when there is an issue with the network connection. This could be due to a number of reasons, such as a poor internet connection, an issue with the router, or a problem with the Roku device itself. In some cases, simply restarting the Roku can fix the problem. If not, then checking the network connection and making sure everything is properly configured can usually fix the issue.

1. Restart your Roku device

  1. Turn off your Roku device.
  2. Hold down the power button until the Roku device turns off.
  3. Wait a few seconds, then release the power button.
  4. Turn on your Roku device by pressing the power button.
  5. Select "Settings" from the main menu.
  6. Select "System" from the Settings menu.
  7. Select "Restart."
  8. Select "Yes."
  9. Your Roku device will restart and the roku error code 006 will be fixed.

2. Check your internet connection

  1. Go to the "Settings" on your Roku device.
  2. Select "Connection."
  3. Make sure the "Status" bar is showing a "Good" or "Updated" symbol.
  4. If the "Status" bar is not showing a "Good" or "Updated" symbol, try restarting your Roku device.
  5. If the "Status" bar still shows a "Good" or "Updated" symbol, try connecting your Roku device to a different outlet.
  6. If the "Status" bar still shows a "Good" or "Updated" symbol, check your internet connection by using a broadband internet service. If you still have an error code of 006, contact Roku customer service.

3. Power cycle your router

  1. Shut down your router by unplugging it from your modem and your computer.
  2. Hold down the reset button for several seconds until the router starts up again.
  3. Open your browser and type in into the address bar.
  4. In the login form, use your router's default username and password.
  5. Click the 'Home' tab.
  6. Under the 'Wireless' heading, click the 'Wireless Settings' button.
  7. Click the 'Wireless Security' tab.
  8. Under the 'WPA2' heading, click the 'Enable' button.
  9. Under the 'WPA2 Security Settings' heading, type a strong password into the 'Enter Password' field.
  10. Click the 'Save Settings' button.
  11. Close your browser.
  12. Reconnect your router to your modem and your computer.
  13. Enter your new password into the 'Enter Password' field of the 'Wireless Settings' tab.
  14. Click the 'Save Settings' button.
  15. Close your browser.
  16. Reboot your router by unplugging it from your modem and your computer, then plugging it back in.

Still not working? maybe try one of these options:

  1. Check for Roku updates
  2. Contact Roku customer support